Kumamoto Mt Aso Tour

Kumamoto Mt Aso Tour

Duration approx. 8 hours
Departs 1 Jan – 31 Dec: Mon, Wed, Fri
Price Adult $99     Child (6 – 11 years old) $94

Experience one of the world’s largest active volcanoes with a visit to the spectacular Mt Aso in Kumamoto. After a lunch of local ‘Akaushi’ beef, take a stroll in the broad grassland of Kusasenri-ga-hama and enjoy the breathtaking sight of the 5 peaks of Mt Aso. The views from the ropeway are equally impressive as it takes you to the easily accessible crater of Mt Nakadake. See the volcanic smoke billowing out from the large crater and catch a glimpse of the turquoise-coloured crater lake.

This tour is currently not available

A major eruption of Mt Aso occurred on October 8 2016. This followed heightened activity from the volcano which began in August 2014.
Therefore, entrance within 1km of the crater of Mt. Naka is now restricted due to the cinders caused by the eruption and the danger of further volcanic activity.


10:20 Kumamoto Station Bus Information Center

10:35 Depart Kumamoto Station

12:32 Kusasenri (Aso) Volcano Museum bus stop
New Kusasenri (lunch) and walk around Kusasenri (95 min)
Enjoy a local wagyu ‘Akaushi’ beef steak lunch.
Wander and explore at Kusasenri Geo Park. Kusasenri is a 785,000 square metre contrast of nature, lying within a crater, with extensive grassland and ponds at the foot of Mt Eboshidake.

14:09 Kusasenri (Aso) Volcano Museum bus stop

14:15 Mount Aso ropeway (145 min)
Mt Aso is one of the largest active volcanoes in Japan, with a peak of 1592 metres above seal level. Take the ropeway to the top of the mountains, walk around the trail and see the spectacular crater of Mt Nakadake and the mysterious barren landscape surrounding it.

16:42 Aso-san-nishi Station bus stop

18:40 The tour will disband at Kumamoto Station.


– Drive the Aso Panorama Line
– Aso Kusasenri
– Aso ropeway

Tour Inclusions:

– All transportation
– Admission fee to Mt Aso ropeway
– Lunch

Tour Details:

Pick up service Not available
Guide service Not included
Drop off service Not available
Meals Lunch
Participants Minimum 1 guest
Price Adult $99     Child (6 – 11 years old) $94
1. Toxic volcanic gas (sulphur dioxide) flows out of the crater. Those who have asthma, bronchial diseases, heart diseases, heart pacers, or are in ill condition must skip the volcano watching as it could be life-threatening.
2. The volcano watching may be unavailable due to dangerous outflows of volcanic gas. When the ropeway is out of service due to closing of the volcano area, please visit Aso Volcano Museum instead. (Please submit the voucher for the ropeway at the museum entrance). If the museum is not visited in such cases, a cash refund will be given on the tour day (JPY 1,000/Adult, JPY 500/Child).
3. Exchange the reservation confirmation sheet for an English voucher at Kumamoto Station Bus Information Centre.
4. The bus driver and staff at each site (including the restaurant) speak Japanese only. In case of troubles after the tour departure, contact Sanko Bus Service Centre at 096-325-0100 (English services available.)
5. Head counting will not be made since this is an unguided tour on a route bus. In case of missing the bus, please contact Sanko Bus Centre. Participants may have to bear additional costs in certain cases.
6. Vegetarian meal is not available.
7. Included in the tour: Route bus fare, lunch, Mt Aso Ropeway (round trip), admission ticket to Aso Volcano Museum (only when ropeway service is suspended.)
8. Please inform us of the address and contact details of your accommodation for the night prior to the tour departure.