Japan Explorer has had the pleasure and privilege of helping many people with all their travel to Japan requirements.

So many of our customers have contacted us with thanks. Below are just some of the kind and warm words we have received.

What our clients say

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Hi Emi,

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thanks so much for all your help and professional expertise. The whole process from planning to payment to travel was great, excellent communications and local knowledge are a great combination.

We had a fabulous holiday and everything was so easy with your directions and very helpful notes. We met some great people along the way and snowmobiling was definitely the highlight of the entire trip!

I would definitely recommend you to any of my friends that were considering a Japan holiday!

Kind Regards,

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Graeme and Eliana

Dear Emi,

We trust that you are well.

Just a quick note to advise that we have been back from Japan just on two weeks now (and almost fully recovered…!)

Both Eliana and I had a very enjoyable and ‘eye-opening’ holiday, and now have a greater first-hand appreciation and understanding of Japanese society and way of life.

The whole Tokyo/Takayama/Kyoto/Hiroshima/Tokyo Itinerary went very smoothly and without a hitch.

The schedule that you prepared gave us a thorough appreciation of the people and culture, the cuisine and the countryside of the numerous cities, towns and prefectures that we visited in the 12 days that we were there.

Overall, our dominant impressions were that the whole country and its people are well organised, respectful and very clean! The transport systems and infrastructure in general functions extremely efficiently considering the relatively large population and tourist influx. Perhaps Australia can learn a few lessons from our near neighbour?

Tokyo as the Capital with its 14 million odd people, diversity and vibrancy goes without saying is quite unique; however, the standouts would have to have been Takayama in the mountains, with its scenic and cooler climate and Miyajima Island and its history.

Hiroshima could only be described as ‘very humbling’ considering its history.

Emi, I was intending to keep this e-mail brief, so I will close by saying thank you again for your considerable assistance in the preparation of our travel schedule and we look forward to making contact with again for our next visit. (We are already planning a further trip).

We would have no hesitation in recommending you and your Agency to future clients and are currently working on a few of our friends as upcoming customers and travellers to Japan.

Take care.

PS: We are now expert Train Travellers, having used the JR Pass extensively (and far more than we anticipated) during the trip.

Kind regards,
Graeme T

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Desmond and Michele

Dear Emi

Michele & I got back from Japan late last week exhausted, it was a great trip. Seeing southern Japan was so different than Kanto & Chubu.
I think the programme you gave us saved at least 2-3 days extra travel in wasting time finding the right accommodation & transport options.
The cities selected gave us a new and real difference in understanding & appreciating Japan than just seeing Tokyo. Mt Koya was just magical.
I have given your details to friends & encouraged them to think about going to Japan.

Michele really enjoyed the Art island & we both enjoyed Osaka & its food. So many highlights such that I will not bore you with them.
We next want to go to Shikoko & Tonoki we get more grandparents annual leave. We will contact you then.
Many thanks


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Hi Emi, sorry it took so long to write, I would just like to let you know what a wonderful trip we had.
What an incredible country, such an amazing culture and lovely people.
The tour you booked for us was terrific.

Thank you very much from both Jonathan and myself.


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My wife and I travelled to Japan earlier this year. The service and assistance provided to us by “Japan Explorer” was not only delivered in a timely way, but with great efficiency and at more than reasonable cost.

We were delighted at the time and I have recommended this firm to all my friends who are planning to visit Japan

Kindest regards

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Gina and Simon

Hi Emi,

Just want to let you know we had the most incredible time in Japan. Thanks to you we were able to navigate ourselves around so easily and all your suggestions of places to go and eat were so perfect! We are seriously overwhelmed with your beautiful country and culture and we can’t wait to go back. All the hotels you booked were perfect and in the perfect location. We just want to pass on a big thank you and to also apologies for taking so long to send you this message.
Hope you are well!

Kindest regards
Gina & Simon

Japanese Sake
Japan Explorer gift

It’s not only kind and warm thanks that we have received. Some of our clients have given us “thank you gifts” (one is a delicious Japanese sake and the other is a pretty orchid).
We are very delighted and really appreciate the thoughtfulness which they have shown to us through their gratitude.

It definitely helps to keep our motivation to provide our future customers with our excellent service and assistance so that they will spend a wonderful, unforgettable time in such a fantastic country, Japan!

Thank you for allowing Japan Explorer to look after you with your travel to Japan.