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When you’re in the last stages of organising your Japan holiday, you’ll probably be thinking of how you’re going to stay connected while travelling. You may want to check for directions, train times, or just check out what to see around you. You’ve got a few options – rely on free wifi, get a data sim card, or get yourself a pocket wifi device.

If you’re on the hunt for the best pocket wifi for Japan, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s the best pocket wifi for your holiday in Japan?

When you search for pocket wifi rental Japan, you’ll get so many responses that you’ll probably end up just going for the most active of the companies. Pocket wifi rental companies pay big money for Google Ads so they’ll be seen at the top of your search results. But are they the best value?

Japan Explorer measured about 20 providers, including their different options, and came up with the one product that is the best value for money for any trip of 13 days or longer. They were so much better, we reached out to them and got a deal so you get it even cheaper. Order below to get a further 5% off their pricing. Order more than 3 weeks before your date of usage and you’ll get a further 15% off their already best value pricing.

What makes it the best pocket wifi for Japan?

Avoid the hassle of finding a vending machine to get a SIM card or popping in to a crowded airport shop to hire your portable wifi. Order your pocket wifi router before you go to Japan!

The pocket wifi device can be picked up from a post office, or the airport, or you can have it posted to your hotel. You can even post it to a residential address or your AirBnb (just provide the correct address and the name of the house/room owner (usually your host).

One pocket wifi router can be connected to by up to 10 devices and you get a free extra battery. Most other providers will charge you an extra amount per day for an extra battery!

eConnect is the best value product for any trip of 13 days or longer. We’ve already done the hard work for you.

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