Takayama and Furukawa Cycling and Walking Tours

Duration From 2.5 hours to a full day
Price From $101

Discover the natural beauty of the Hida region with the Takayama and Furukawa cycling and walking tours. Access some of the most remote and charming areas in Japan and discover the sustainable Satoyama village lifestyle.
Satoyama is a habitat where nature and humans closely co-exist, where man has become part of the ecosystem. Satoyama provides a glimpse of village life in Japan’s old days. The unique local culture is enriched with a balance of sustainability of land and human needs.
See the idyllic landscapes and traditions of another era and experience the kindness and generosity of the local people in the small Satoyama villages.


Hida Satoyama Cycling Standard Tour

Cycle deep into the Japanese countryside and discover the beauty of the Satoyama lifestyle which you won’t find in guidebooks.

Experience an authentic view of the daily lifestyle and inherited cultures of local people as you ride through rice fields and local markets.

The 22 km course is dotted with old folk houses and provides a magnificent view of the natural environment and the imposing Japanese Alps.

Departs: Mid-Mar – Nov: Daily

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm
2:00pm – 5:30pm (until mid-October)

Inclusions: English-speaking guide, mountain bike, helmet, insurance

Price: $137


Hida Satoyama Half Day Private Cycling Tour

Enjoy this easy ride from the well-preserved, Edo-style town of Furukawa and discover the stunning Satoyama scenery.

The flat 12 km long route is perfect for beginners and families and allows you to discover traditional and historic buildings, shrines and springs, as well as interacting with the locals.

Spend some time at leisure exploring graceful town of Hida Furukawa after the tour.

Departs: Mid-Mar – Mid-Dec: Daily

Time: 10:15- 12:45 (excluding December)
14:00 – 16:30

Inclusions: English-speaking guide, mountain bike, helmet, insurance

Price: $137 (per person – based on 4 participants)


Hida Furukawa Town Walk Private Tour

Hida Furukawa is a picturesque former castle town which has maintained its traditional buildings and streetscapes.

This serene and elegant old town has rows of white-walled storehouses, beautifully preserved merchants houses and canals filled with koi (Japanese carp).

This special sightseeing experience allows you to learn about the history of the town, its culture and inherited lifestyle from a local guide.

Departs: All year except New Year period

Time: 14:00 – 16:30

Inclusions: English-speaking guide, insurance

Price: $139 (per person – based on 4 participants)


Satoyama Ride & Hike Private Tour

Spend the morning pedalling through the fields and the streets of a lovely Satoyama farming village, filled with rows of preserved Japanese storehouses and traditional style buildings.

Savour a lunch made from local Hida ingredients at the base of a waterfall while taking in the panoramic mountain view.

The hike takes you deep into the primeval beech forest where you will discover more water falls and exquisite nature.

Departs: May – October: Daily (* This tour does not run during the hot summer period due to its physical nature and the summer heat)

Time: 10:15 – 15:15

Inclusions: English-speaking guide, rental bike, helmet, insurance, lunch

Price: from $274 (per person – based on 4 participants)

Cultural Activities

Food & Culture walk

Food & Culture Walk in Takayama

This entertaining and informative tour takes you off the beaten path and lets you stroll down the side streets of this beautiful town. Discover the unique culture and history of Takayama with your local guide.

The Food & Culture walk includes sake tasting and food sampling at some of Takayama’s traditional shops. Indulge in a little bite at one of the best food shops in Takayama.

Departs: Daily

Time: 9:30 -12:00

Inclusions: English-speaking guide, local food tasting, insurance

Price: $101

Seasonal Limited

Snowshoeing Tour

Village Snowshoeing Tour

Tanekura Snowshoeing Tour in Hida Furukawa

The Tanekura snowshoeing tour offers a unique way to get up close to nature and to see and feel how the locals live closely within it.

An informative and entertaining guide will take you off the beaten path around the beautiful snowy mountain village dotted with stone-walled, terraced rice paddy fields and traditional wooden storehouses. Enjoy walking on the powder snow… wearing snowshoes… with a great view!

Departs: Jan – Feb: Daily

Time: 13:00 – 15:30

Inclusions: English-speaking guide, snowshoes, walking poles, insurance

Price: $135