Uji and Nara 1 Day Tour

Duration Full Day (8:30 – 19:30)
Price Adult $319     Child (6 – 11 years old) $280

Visit the picturesque area around Ujibashi Bridge and the intricately designed Byodoin Temple and relax with a simple tea ceremony. Uji is famous for its green tea, known as “Uji-cha”.
After lunch, visit Todaiji Temple and see Japan’s largest statue of Buddha in the world’s largest wooden structure. Walk through Nara Park with the deer, and admire the 3,000 stone and bronze lanterns at Kasuga Taisha Shrine, the most celebrated shrine in Nara.


8:30 Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo

Uji Station

Ujibashi Bridge
Ujibashi Bridge spans the Uji River and its initial construction was in 646. It has been rebuilt numerous times and has appeared in countless poems, novels and paintings.

Nakanoshima Park
Nakanoshima Park is a small island on the Uji River.

Taiho-an (20 min)
Experience a simple Japanese tea ceremony at an authentic tea-house.

Byodoin Temple (50 min)
Byodoin Temple was initially built in 998. The most famous building in the temple is the striking Phoenix Hall, constructed in 1053. This hall is featured on the back of the Japanese ten yen coin.

Uji Station to Kyoto Station

Lunch (Western style lunch)

Todaiji Temple & Nara Park (60 min)
Todaiji Temple was constructed in 752 on the order of Emperor Shomu. It is the largest wooden structure in the world and houses a 15 metre tall, immense, bronze statue of Buddha. The adjacent Nara Park is home to about 1,200 tame deer who roam the extensive parklands.

Kasuga Taisha Shrine (40 min)
Originally the royal shrine for the powerful Fujiwara clan, Kasuga Taisha Shrine is famous for its astounding 3,000 beautifully crafted stone and bronze lanterns which have been donated by worshippers over the years.

Nara Nagomikan (20 min)
This gift shop is where you can find something special for souvenirs such as locally brewed sake, foods, traditional crafts or authentic Japanese handcrafts.

18:30 ~ 19:30 Drop off service to hotels in Kyoto is available.


– Ujibashi Bridge
– Experience tea ceremony
– Byodoin Temple
– Todaiji Temple
– Nara Park
– Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Tour Inclusions:

– English-speaking guide
– All transportation
– Lunch
– Admission fees

Tour Details:

Pick up service Not available
Guide service English-speaking guide included
Drop off service Available
Meals Lunch
Participants Minimum 2 guests
Price Adult $319     Child (6 – 11 years old) $280
1. Public transportation will be used for the round trip between Kyoto and Uji. Seating may not be available.
2. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes as the morning session of this tour will be on foot.
3. Nakanoshima Park may not be visited due to high water levels.
4.It may not be possible to enter the Phoenix Hall at Byodoin due to congestion. In this case, 300 yen will be refunded to participants on the day.
5. Participants will walk from the parking lot to Todaiji Temple (about 15 minutes each way).
6. Areas requiring admission fees at Kasuga Taisha Shrine will not be visited.
7. Drop off service to Karasuma Kyoto Hotel and Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto cannot be provided during the Gion Festival (July 15 – 16) due to traffic restrictions.
8. The tour may not visit Nara Nagomikan if it is closed or due to traffic conditions.
9. Connections to the Kyoto Night Tour and the Kyoto Maiko Dinner are not possible due to time constraints.