Osaka Tours

Osaka Tours

Osaka developed as a waterfront city because of its natural geographical features and has grown into a city with a unique character all of its own.

Home of the Osaka Castle, the many historical remains and buildings that represent Osaka leave visitors with a lingering feeling of the depth and beauty of Osaka’s past. History is still alive in a bustling commercial city.

Our Osaka tours will take you to the famous sites, both old and modern, that this water capital has to offer you.

Osaka Afternoon Walking Tour

See the famous sightseeing spots of Osaka on this afternoon walking tour.

Visit the newly renovated Osaka Castle, the intended capital of Japan, and learn from the exhibits detailing life in old Osaka. Then board the Aqua Liner for an hour-long cruise around Nakanoshima, providing a great view of the city from the water.

Tsutenkaku from the Osaka Bus Tour

Osaka 1-Day Bus Tour

Explore some of the classical sights and embrace the history of Osaka. Visit one of Japan’s most unique shrines, Namba Yasaka Shrine, then head to the imposing Osaka Castle.

Discover the Shin-sekai area and savour Osaka’s famous street food for lunch.

Next, visit one of Japan’s oldest shrines, Sumiyoshi Taisha followed by a stroll around the beautiful gardens of Daisen Park. Finish the tour with a visit to the Hamono Museum, celebrating the production of knives in Sakai city.

Mt. Koya 1-Day/2-Day Tour

Mt Koya is one of the most sacred mountains in Japan. This temple complex, founded 1200 years ago, is located in a 900 metre high, lotus-shaped valley in Wakayama.

There are 117 temples along the streets of Koyasan and more than half of them have shukubo – temple lodgings.